Mission Stories

SWMC has 8-10 full-time missionaries that serve in various locations around the world. Their updates and stories can be found under the "overseas work" drop down menu located under updates. We also have stories about our mission work under the "swmcf news" menu item.  Campaigns are stories about missionaries that our Foundation has financial supported for special needs. "Video Updates" are a combination of stories both locally and abroad about God's work among us. "Scholarship Stories" are reports from medical students and residents whom we have sponsored on short-term medical rotations overseas. There are also mission stories under the "updates" drop-down menu tab entitled "short-term stories"


 For your convenience we will list the categories below with their titles in order to link you directly to the story you want to enjoy. just CLICK on a title and you will be directed to a Web Site containing that information.


Overseas Work

Some of our missionaries provide a PDF copy of their newsletters and these are not always current. For that reason we have chosen not to list their links below. To view the latest news that we have posted, please visit the "All Overseas Updates" area.


All Overseas Updates

John & Linda Spriegel

Tabitha Blog

Heather Marten MD

Mike and Pam Chupp



North Africa Report

Cameroon Report

Karanda Report

Kenya - Tenwek Report


Video Updates

All Video Updates

- Tenweck- John Spriegel

Tabitha Ministry- Linda Spriegel

Lois Lell-Burns MD - Mission Trip

Rick Bardin MD - SWMC connection

Rick Bardin MD - Cameroon Report

- Dan Stephtens MD - Karanda Report

Haiti - Short Term Mission - Brown & Dudley

Mike Chupp MD - Kenya - Tenwek

Nicaragua - Short Term Mission - Bedell & Rutherford

Heather Marten MD - Zambia

Chris Harvey MD - Cameroon

Dan Snyder MD - Haiti

Ken O'Neill MD - God Moment



Scholarship Stories

Joy Ruff - Bangladesh

Ryan Stringer - Haiti

David Christensen - Ethiopia

David Zacharias - Guatemala